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Myriad are premier partner of Unit4 UK&I and we understand the importance of training in the success of your project.

In terms of effort, we like to see an implementation as three broadly equal tasks:

  • Design and Implementation
  • Training
  • Change Management

Our mission is to take your people on a journey, from awareness, through knowledge, and on to expertise in whatever their interaction with Unit4 ERP. This is our core belief and how we measure the success of our projects.

What makes us different?

We believe that we bring a greater breadth of understanding to our training courses than any other training provider of training services within the Unit4 ERP sector. This is because we are involved in the project management, implementation and upgrade of Unit4 ERP. This is in addition to training project teams and end users. This means that we have a high level understanding of our clients’ requirements, the reasoning behind those requirements and their importance in the organisation. 

Learning with Myriad

What we do

Familiarisation training

  • Familiarisation training is delivered at the start of a project. Its purpose is to equip delegates with sufficient information about how Unit4 ERP works so that they can contribute to the solution design process.
  • Experienced trainers provide a comprehensive overview of the topic and take the delegates through the end-to-end process using the Myriad Business World Training environment (Milestone 7).
  • The training materials provided for Familiarisation courses are carefully crafted to ensure a thorough understanding of the topics covered, and to encourage confidence when using the system. Whether delivered as a document or in a virtual learning environment, the training materials are succinct, instructive, accessible and practical.
  • Our instructive course guides are comprehensive documents providing a course outline, process diagrams, screen definitions, and action tables explaining how to perform key functions. We often add more detail in the guide than is covered in the course.
  • The audience for these courses will be system builders and users or managers who are contributing to the organisations’ system design.

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    Super user courses

  • Our new super user courses have been revised, re-focused and updated for Unit4 ERP and are entirely consistent with the latest Unit4 methodology.
  • The new super user courses are: Designed specifically for your advanced users/system administrators to help them maintain and improve your systems; Entirely consistent with the latest Unit4 implementation methodology; Webinar based or onsite classroom-based and available as public or private courses if circumstances allow.
  • The training database has been updated to the latest version of Unit4ERP and is available via the Myriad Cloud.
  • This course is suitable for: Advanced Users You have a detailed understanding of your business or functional area from an operational perspective. You may be a business analyst or have a management/leadership role.
  • This course is suitable for: Super Users – You have an understanding of the business or functional area and the information systems used to support them. You are part of the implementation team and will be required to have an understanding of how Unit4 ERP works from a functional perspective.

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    Build training

  • Our Build courses have been designed with both client project teams and consultants in mind.
  • Each Build Course includes a course manual and a task list which are retained by each delegate following course delivery for future reference.
  • The courses are designed to be step by step instructions which are presented in a logical order and have a definite start, middle and end.
  • Our experienced, first class, trainers use the materials to guide the delegates through the process of building a client from the bottom up, adding functionality module by module. Where possible each delegate gets to test each part of the build once completed. This process ensures delegates understand the connection between the build steps undertaken and the final result / impact of those steps.
  • Our Project Team Training has two components: “how to use it” and “how to build it”. We call these two interventions Familiarisation and Build training. Build training covers the “how to build it” section.
  • Build training will be delivered as the Business Requirements Solution Design Documents (BRSDDs) are completed and the team start to prepare to build the prototype solution. This training would be delivered to members of the build team only.
  • Build training courses are aimed at those members of staff who have a technical background and who will be involved in the building of the prototype system.

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    Payroll year end training

  • With the end of the financial year looming, thoughts are turning to payroll Year End and the setting up of the new payroll for 2021/2022. Myriad and Highpoint are all geared up to help support our customers through this phase and the first of our comprehensive training webinars kicks off today.
  • These courses are always popular and get booked up quickly, so if you would like our help to make your life easier then email us at jtaylor@myriad.org.uk for course details and availability.
  • Setting up the payroll 2021/2022 – Feb 9th,10th,11th and 12th
  • Completing the payroll 2020/2021 – Feb 22nd, 23rd, 25th and March 1st
  • All courses are delivered via interactive webinar and last around 3 hours £160 plus VAT per delegate.
  • All training environments and training materials provided and included in the price of the course.

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