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Myriad and Unit4 have been working together to create new Super User Courses designed specifically for Advanced Users / System Administrators to help them maintain and improve their Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (U4ERP) solution.

Our new Super User Courses are built upon previous training offered by Unit4 and Myriad but have been revised, re-focussed and updated for Unit4 ERP and are entirely consistent with the latest Unit4 implementation methodology.

Who they're for

These courses are suitable for:

Advanced users

You have a detailed understanding of your business or functional area from an operational perspective. You may be a Business Analyst or have a management role.

Super users

You have an understanding of the business or functional area and the information systems used to support them. You are a part of the implementation team and will be required to have an understanding of how Unit4 ERP works from a functional perspective.

Course benefits

Small groups led by one of our knowledgeable trainers

Course manual for each module

What it is

The new super user courses are:


Designed specifically for your advanced users / system administrators to help them maintain and improve your U4ERP solution


Entirely consistent with the latest Unit4 implementation methodology


Onsite classroom or webinar based (available as public or client courses)

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How can I access these courses?

The current schedule for these courses is provided below. For further information please contact us on 0121 3086122 and ask for our training team or e-mail: enquiries@myriad.org.uk.

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