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The Unit4 PSA Suite merges every solution into one to ensure that the user experience is as fluent as possible. You can use this to automate menial and repetitive tasks at the click of a button, freeing your employees to do what really matters. With the power of ERP behind you, you can track, trace and manage your entire business from wherever you are, all within one robust solution, available within a mobile app for increased convenience. With the Unit4 PSA Suite, you will have increased performance and control over the following:

Dig down into detail

Optimise resource management
  • Uncover unnecessary people-related expenses
  • Oversee program and project performance using collected data from current and past ventures
  • Effectively utilise subcontractors to get the most from your money
  • Monitor hours and income
Fuel project profitability
  • Monitor projects from your mobile accurate to the second
  • Collect and manage all billables
  • View precise finances at your fingertips
  • Resolve potential issues prospectively
Guide your business effectively
  • Obtain insight into where to best apply your organisation
  • Create accurate, profitable and consistent bids
  • Use past successes as a model to win and deliver successful new projects
Bill confidently being backed by the power of ERP
  • Link income accurately from billable hours
  • Access all people-related expenses
  • Data and evidence-based planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Gain real-time access to detailed reports
  • Gain valuable insight into your financial trends and performance







Is it WOrth it?


Office workers spend ⅓ of the working year completing administrative/repetitive tasks 33%
60% of productivity-boosting opportunity come from digital1 60%
More than ¾ of office workers believe new technology would improve their productivity 75%
90% of workers say they would use technology such as digital assistants and software applications to manage repetitive tasks 90%
PSA in a nutshell

Who would use PSA?

Unit4 PSA Suite is designed for accountancy, architecture, consultancy, engineering, IT services, and legal. Delivered with pre-defined project templates, legislation support, and industry best practices. 

Watch the video below to see Unit4’s overview of what PSA is 

Is PSA for me?


Manage your risk and compliance with the integration with WWFT/BSA/ASM, register your hours directly on the right engagement with the Mobile App with timer and Recognize all revenue and Work-In-Progress in one single solution.


Get rid of the time-consuming hour and expenses with the PSA Mobile App with timer and plan your outsourced resources efficiently within the Gantt chart with availability and utilization overview.


Keep control of the budget and planning of your projects and plan your equipment and personnel directly in the same overview. Integrate with your BIM software to have all in one single solution.

IT Services
IT Services

Manage your cases with the service module and keep track of your outsourced IT professionals in the same solution. Assign the right resource – based on skills – directly to the project, with one single mouse click.


Integrate your BIM Software into the project module with pre-defined templates and budgets to keep control on all your designs and the scope of your projects. Automate your proposals and invoices to significantly reduce your admin time and focus on what counts most: your designs.


Decrease your admin time by registering your minutes directly on the right case with the timesheets and Mobile App. Store your files within the right case and be transparent for your organization and your clients.

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