November 22, 2019
Slough Borough Council

Slough Borough Council Case Study

Slough Borough Council have previously implemented Unit4’s Business World finance module and were looking to implement the HR module, more specifically employee and manager self service, i.e timesheets, absences and expenses. This implementation enables them to move from a paper-based system to an electronic-based system, making their processes far more efficient and reliable.


Slough Borough Council have benefited from having the whole organisation trained, specifically 1178 members of staff, not just specialist teams within the organisation. They were also provided with an integrated project team within their HR department, to enable better communication and transparency. This also meant that the HR department could have a lot more input into the implementation project, in order to make the change tailored to them. They were also given access to all of the project team’s resources, keeping them informed and updated, which in turn reduced the need for unnecessary meetings.


Slough Borough Council profited from being provided with workshops, thorough training, quick cards and posters that increase awareness of project to organisation. Slough Borough Council were also equipped with various E-learning tools, to cater to individuals learning needs. We set up further video tutorials and drop-in sessions, in order to address problems and queries so that all individuals in the organisation were prepared for the implementation of Unit4’s Business World HR module.


“There is a general feel that the system will really support them in their everyday working lives.” 
– Jules Potter, Organisational Development in Slough Borough Council.