Rethink Mental Illness : Case Study

Rethink Mental Illness is a membership charity for people suffering from mental health issues, particularly those suffering from conditions such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Psychosis. Rethink Mental Illness work with statutory bodies to deliver services to those most in need, whilst also campaigning for changes that end stigma, promote mental health rights and help their service users, currently providing to 60,000 people in England. Rethink Mental Illness have been customers of Unit4 since 1994 and customers of Myriad Consulting since 2014. The organisation approached Myriad Consulting directly after working with us previously to update its Unit4 product to the latest version. Myriad Consulting were responsible for the upgrade, initiating the ‘workflow’ feature, converting the planner feature from the budget module and changing the company structure within the Unit4 software.

Rethink Mental Illness had a number of objectives to achieve through working with Myriad Consulting. The stability of the internal finance system was essential, along with eradicating problems with authorising invoices at the right level. The organisation also wanted to future-proof their systems so that making improvements in the future simpler.

Case study

Myriad Consulting worked closely with Rethink Mental Illness to deliver on all set objectives. Our consultants performed an upgrade of the Business World package ensuring that all aspects were not only up-to-date but also complimented the internal software systems. We also helped the charity to convert to the planning feature and change the structure of the company to allow for VAT recovery. All of this was completed in just 4 weeks with Myriad Consulting who ensured the upgrade was a smooth transition without affecting any other areas of the business.

Through the use of the Unit4 Business World software package, Rethink Mental Illness has saved the equivalent cost of four admin positions. This is due to their new automated and streamlined features of the software. The charity has also reduced its Year End process by two months. Using Unit4 software and Myriad Consulting’s services, Rethink have been able to efficiently streamline their entire running processes. This includes; the purchase ordering system, funding checks, invoice authorisation, payment and the P2P

Perfect Result

We follow Myriad consultant Bjarte as he works on a Unit4 project with Rethink Mental Illness.