Notice of change to the public procurement policy

Myriad Consulting is configuring Unit4 Business World for you to support E-invoices. By altering your systems, this will ensure that you are compliant with the EU Public Procurement Regulations by the 18th of April. Failure to adhere to this would result in action by the European Commission. To prevent our clients from such consequences, we will evaluate all compliance options available to you. To help, we have outlined each service that we support. ● Optical Character Recognition technology: a managed service used to capture invoices and incorporate invoice data into the accounting systems and other software. ● Data correction services: automatically alters invoice data to suit your specific business requirements, enabling you to avoid any mistakes caused by clerical errors. ● Supplier portal: a free, self-service interface where suppliers can receive, respond and build invoices to fit their requirements, simplifying invoicing to make interacting and communicating with your organisation fluent. ● Data validation: allowing you to build your own automated rules and checklists. Once you build your rules, this service will validate acceptable invoices and reject invalid invoices for you before you even receive them. Contact us today to talk about your options further to find out how we can help configure you Unit4 Business World systems, and guarantee that you will be compliant before the fast-approaching deadline on the 18th of April this year.