Learn the Capabilities of Unit4 ERP

Familiarisation courses are delivered in an interactive classroom format. Experienced trainers provide a comprehensive overview of the topic and take the delegates through the end-to-end process using the Myriad U4ERP Training environment (Milestone 7.6).

Our instructive course guides are comprehensive documents providing a course outline, process diagrams, screen definitions, and action tables explaining how to perform key functions. We often add more detail in the guide than is covered in the course.

Our training program:

Actively supports the implementation process

Meets the requirements of the various audiences

Holisticly integrated through familiarisation to end-user training

Provides high quality, reusable materials

Delivered as required

Interventions are more focused and less repetitive

Who Are These Courses For?

System Users

System Builders

Managers contributing to the solution design

Course order

The Familiarisation courses are grouped together into ‘Finance and Project’ and ‘Human Resources and Payroll’.

Please consult the syllabus below for each course to see the recommended pre-requisite courses (if any) for each course. The Familiarisation subject headings and indicative timings are as follows:

Customers can choose to undertake these courses out of sequence, or pick and choose the ones they require; however, this is the logical order:

Finance and Project Courses
  • U4ERP Introduction Familiarisation (Note: recommended before taking any other courses in this subsection)
  • U4ERP General Ledger Familiarisation
  • U4ERP Purchasing Familiarisation (Note: should be taken before the course below if doing both)
  • U4ERP Accounts Payable Familiarisation
  • U4ERP Sales Order Processing Familiarisation (Note: should be taken before the course below if doing both)
  • U4ERP Accounts Receivable Familiarisation
  • U4ERP Fixed Assets Familiarisation
  • U4ERP Project, Timesheet and Invoicing Familiarisation
Human Resources & Payroll Courses
  • U4ERP Introduction for Human Resources and Payroll Familiarisation (Note: combined version of the two courses below; recommended before taking any course in this subsection IF also taking the Payroll course)
  • U4ERP Human Resources Familiarisation (Note: alternative to the course above, recommended before taking any other courses in this subsection, if NOT also taking Payroll)
  • U4ERP Payroll Familiarisation (Note: alternative to the first course above, recommended for Payroll specialists only, and recommended before taking the Payroll course)
  • U4ERP Expenses Familiarisation
  • U4ERP Training Administration Familiarisation
  • U4ERP Absence Familiarisation

How Can I Access These Courses?

The current schedule for these courses is provided below. For further information please contact us on 0121 3086122 and ask for our training team or e-mail: enquiries@myriad.org.uk.
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