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Build training

Our Build courses have been designed with client project teams and consultants in mind. The courses are designed to be step by step instructions which are presented in a logical order and have a definite start, middle and end.

Our trainers will guide the delegates through the process of building a client from the bottom up, adding functionality module by module. Where possible, each delegate gets to test each part of the build once completed. This process ensures delegates understand the connection between the build steps undertaken and the final result/impact of those steps.

Our Project Team Training has two components: “how to use it” and “how to build it”. We call these two interventions Familiarisation and Build training. Build training covers the “how to build it” section.

Build training will be delivered as the Business Requirements Solution Design Documents (BRSDDs) are completed and the team start to prepare to build the prototype solution. This training would be delivered to members of the build team only.

Build training courses are aimed at those members of staff who have a technical background and who will be involved in the building of the prototype system.

Build courses are aimed at Organisations who have just purchased any of the Unit4 ERP modules and are moving to the “build” phase of their project, existing users who were part of their build team and wish to refresh their knowledge or are looking to improve their current system, or consultants looking to consolidate their knowledge and experience.

Each build course attended is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual and task list which is retained by the delegate for future reference.

Get ahead with our training courses

Our build courses are as follows:

Foundation courses

How to build a new client (including General Ledger) – 2 days

  • How to set up a core Accounts Payable solution – 1 day

    How to set up a basic Purchasing solution – 1 day

    How to set up a core Accounts Receivable solution – 1 day

    How to build a basic Sales Order processing solution – 1 day

Human Resources & Payroll:
  • How to build a core Human Resources solution – 1 day

    How to set up a core UK Payroll solution – 3 days

    How to build a basic Absence solution – 1 day

  • U4ERP Training Admin (under construction)
PCB and Planner:
  • How to build a basic Planner solution – 1 day

    How to build a basic Expenses solution – 1 day

    How to build a basic Project Costing & Billing solution (with timesheets) – 3 days

Payroll Year End Training
  • Our ever popular, Payroll Year End courses are run every year during February and March to support our customers through the processes and procedures they have to undertake for their organisation’s financial year end.

    Split into two courses so that delegates can choose whether to do one or other or both of the courses to gain the most insight, the courses guide delegates through the ending of the current years payroll system and the starting of the new year’s payroll system.

    Delegates on these courses will receive a comprehensive training guide which includes all of the up to date figures from the government and any necessary updates needed for their own systems. The courses are very popular and do get booked up quickly so lookout for the newsletter advising when courses are available to book.

    A training environment is provided with this course so that delegates can practice what they have learnt in a safe space without worrying about making changes or mistakes in their “live“ environments. 

    Courses are delivered via interactive webinar and last around 3 hours.

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If you would like training on a course or subject not currently listed, please contact us to discuss a bespoke offering or alternative dates subject to availability.

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