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ERP in 2018

The IT industry is continually developing and advancing, and 2018 will be another great year for the sector. Early predictions for ERP solutions in 2018 focus on the improvement of automation and increased adoption of cloud-based solutions.


Automation is a driver across all industries with advancements in A.I and machinery that have allowed many processes to be completed automatically. ERP solutions are built to make business management and admin processes more streamlined and easier to control, with automation being the key.

Some predictions suggest that by 2021, 90% of all ERP applications will use architecture systems that allow them to evaluate business activities and conditions and make responsive decisions.

Cloud Migration

The adoption of cloud-based applications has been steadily increasing in recent years and 2018 will be the biggest year for this yet. A cloud-based solution gives users easier access to systems and peace of mind knowing that important data is stored and regularly backed-up.

Unit4 in 2018

Unit4 Business World will be introducing some improved features as part of its next Milestone update in 2018. As part of its automation features, Unit4 will be adding dynamic forms to Business World. These forms will eliminate manual processes by changing and adapting as they are filled in. For example, if extra information is required this can be added at the time of completing the form. Dynamic forms collect the right information at the right time to cut down on further data processing tasks.

The Information Browser is another new addition for 2018 and will utilise cloud technology to enable users to access Business World outside of the main desktop version. Both of these features will make the Unit4 ERP solution more versatile and allow it to continue being the best in the business.