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Creating Space

All-in-all, we here at Myriad Consulting have had a fantastic time over the two days at Unit4’s annual Connect Conference. This year’s theme titled “Creating Space”, and Unit4 certainly set the perfect example of this from the sheer variety of talks and presentations to the numerous stalls and space to network! Adding to the excitement, competitions were held giving attendees to win things such as a completely free Amazon

Alexa. They also showed us that even in attending a conference there is always time and space to enjoy oneself, as we spent our evenings at The Potting Shed placed in Harrogate’s landmark Royal Baths complex.

Kicking off the event was Howard Karloff, Goldman Sachs’ Vice President, an expert in algorithms, optimisation and big data. Over the two days, there were numerous hosts and guest speakers sharing their carefully selected and thoughtfully delivered information based around optimising the time you have to make the most of your Unit4 systems, in order to provide attendees with the resources and knowledge required to reach the full potential, often exceeding expectations! These speakers included the likes of Henk Jan Onstwedder, Unit4’s Global VP, who specialises in Public Services industries, who gave a general overview, highlighting the most important trends that have arisen in the past year and the key challenges that the Public and Not For Profit Sectors currently face.

Overall, we were pleased to see so many of you in attendance, most of all the wonderful sponsors of the Creating Space Convention, such as Embridge Consulting and Highpoint, who provide both implementation and training services to Unit4 software users. All sponsors held many inclusive activities and demonstrations that supplemented the talks planned by Unit4 for the various sectors, endorsing the global successes of Unit4. We thoroughly enjoyed our time Creating Space at the conference and cannot wait to see what is in store for us next year at Unit4’s Annual Connect Conference 2019.