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Myriad Consulting is delighted to announce that after a rigorous application process, we have recently had our application approved for Digital Outcomes. This means that those of you who are part of Public Sector organisations will find Myriad Consulting, using the relevant framework, when searching for quality cloud-based services on the Digital Marketplace.


As a Digital Outcomes Specialist, we are qualified to provide specialist teams to public sector organisations to work on a relevant digital service at various locations. In order to have the application approved to become a digital outcomes supplier, it was necessary for Myriad Consulting to be on-board with the laid out code of practice for technology, work in accordance to the government design manual and have in-depth knowledge of working on discovery, alpha, beta, live or retirement phases.

Some of the capabilities that must be provided by the digital outcome suppliers are:

  • Design

  • Performance Analysis

  • Security

  • Delivery of Services

  • Software Development

  • Operations and Support

  • Testing and Auditing

  • User Experience, Design and Research


The methodology necessary to have a digital outcome application approved is such that the service should provide first and foremost to the user’s needs and expectations and that these expectations be outlines in the ‘statement of work’. The only time that waterfall methodology should be used is in exceptional circumstances, and only when it can provide better for the user’s needs.


This application approval means that Myriad Consulting is held to a higher standard to support buyers and service users. We are required to meet specific requirements and pass set assessments. Our services must be developed such that data protocols are accessible and if requested, we must work in accordance to the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) and also that a variety of additional levels of security clearance can be requested by the buyer at the contract stage. It must also be possible for the buyer to request any relevant security guidance. The standards that are held at Myriad are according to those set in government and are in compliance with the Civil Service conduct and guidance.