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A Run Down of Unit4's Business World Fundamentals Workshop


Speaking were Unit4’s Les Varney, Arnout Zandvliet, Ed Behan and Rachel George, and Myriad Consulting’s Harpal Mattu.

After registrations and networking, Les Varney opened the presentations with some general hints and tips that he recommended in relation to Unit4’s Business World’s Upgrades and Milestones.

The next session, presented by Rachel George, covered a selection of the newer reporting tools that accompanied Milestone 6 onwards, looking specifically at Information Browser and Finacial Information Centre available in Business World.

Speaking after Rachel George was Arnout Zandvliet, who has been working within Unit4 since 2008, speaking on The Functionality on Anonymisation of Personal Data.

Following a discussion break on Unit4’s adopted thoughts and processes, involving both the speakers and the audience, was Myriad Consulting’s own Harpal Mattu. Harpal Mattu spoke about Unit4’s Business World Cornerstones, providing valuable insights being that he is Unit4’s preferred partner’s Director and Practice Manager.

The final speaker at the event was Ed Behan who covered Customer Support aspects of Unit4’s Business World. This included items such as Reporting Hints and setting up passwords to protect customers’ valuable personal data.