Wokingham Borough Council Case Study

Wokingham Borough Council has used Unit4 Business World for many years and needed to upgrade to the latest supported platform. They were also looking for recommendations on how to improve their devolved financial reporting and monitoring systems.


Wokingham Borough Council needed to upgrade their Unit4 Business World ERP system to ensure they were on a supported platform. They were using Milestone 3, a much older version of Business World which needed to be modernised. Wokingham also asked Myriad Consulting to make their financial and reporting processes more efficient and align them with their 21 st Century Council Strategy. How we helped Myriad Consulting worked closely with the IT department at Wokingham Borough Council to implement an upgrade to Business World Milestone 6. Our consultants also analysed the council’s current financial and reporting processes to refine and make them work with the rest of the council’s more modern strategies. To further help Wokingham Council manage their reporting and financial processes Myriad’s consultants recommended and also implemented Unit4’s Budget Books. Value Delivered Through working with Myriad Consulting to update Business World to Milestone6, Wokingham Borough Council has ensured that their Unit4 systems will remain up-to- date and accurate. By implementing Budget Books, the council has also made their financial and reporting processes much more efficient and reliable.

Why choose Myriad Consulting?

Julie Teague of Wokingham Borough Council said: “I have worked very closely with Harpal from Myriad Consulting during the implementation of Milestone6 and the introduction of Budget Books. We found that they are very professional and really fitted in with the environment, both on the finance and the HR side. They felt like part of the team which was very helpful.