Myriad Consulting had the pleasure of sponsoring this year’s Customer Connect Conference held by Unit4 in Manchester.

The conference was a great event and the Myriad Consulting team had a great time catching up with familiar faces and meeting new prospective customers. Some of our favourite highlights from the 2017 conference included;


Unit4 has been working on its own artificial intelligence application named Wanda. Wanda is a voice activated A.I system and works in the same way that Apple’s ‘Siri’ and Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ work.  At last year’s conference Wanda was still in its prototype stage so this year we were excited to see the progress that had been made.

And… we weren’t disappointed. Unit4 showed us a live demonstration of Wanda, no longer in prototype stage, and we were very impressed. Wanda can perform all sorts of tasks such as logging time sheets, sicknesses and providing detailed project updates all through voice commands.

Business World Update

The next update to Unit4’s Business World was also demonstrated at the conference. The update – Milestone 7, was described by Unit4 as having “something for everyone” and will make the software more intuitive and easier to use.

Dynamic forms have been introduced as part of the Milestone 7 upgrade. These forms will eliminate manual processes by changing and adapting as they are filled in. For example, if extra information is required this can be added at the time of completing the form. Dynamic forms collect the right information at the right time to cut down on further data processing tasks.

The Information Browser is another Milestone7 addition. This is a cloud based app that lets users access Business World without needing to log into the desktop version. Using the information browser, users can also quickly search for and find any information they need without having to follow traditional pathways.

Baroness Susan Greenfield

Attendees at the Unit4 Customer Connect conference were also treated to a talk from keynote speaker, Baroness Susan Greenfield; An expert in psychology and the intricate workings of the human brain. Baroness Greenfield used her knowledge as a back drop to look at the possibility of Artificial Intelligence becoming as advanced as our brains – interesting stuff!

We enjoyed our time sponsoring this year’s customer connect conference and can’t wait to do it all again next year! We hope to see you there.