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Myriad Consulting are an established supplier of Unit4 Business World consultancy services.

Myriad have a consistent team who have implemented Unit4 Business World following best practice and adhering to clients business needs.

All of our consultants are suitably trained possessing product knowledge delivered by Unit4, academic knowledge and business awareness.

All of our consultants have attended compulsory UNIT4 Toolkit training, which ensures that a standardised and proven implementation approach is followed.

Application Consultancy

Application consultancy skills include:

– Business and Process Design including Documentation
– Application Implementation and Development
– Data Migration and Cut-Over Management
– System Testing
– Integration and Interface Development
– Training and Documentation
– Live Deployment and Cut-Over

Optimisation Services

Optimisation could be as a result of business change or post implementation review.

Optimisations could include:

– Reviewing Charts of Accounts
– Report Writing Services – which could include Excelerator, Browser or ARC
– Interface Development – Amending or adding new interfaces
– Implementing new Agresso modules
– Workflow optimisation and development
– Implementing Unit4 Experience Packs
– Myriad Consulting have developed a standardised approach and competitively priced service to aid optimisation to benefit our      clients.

Project Management

Myriad Consulting can deliver project managers that will add value to any Unit4 Business World ERP Project. Our project mangers are not only academically qualified but they also possess many years of practical experience built up managing Agresso projects. Our recent testimonials would suggest there is much to be gained from deploying services of an experienced PM when implementing, upgrading or optimising an Agresso implementation. Our project managers follow a standardised UNIT4 approach to project management, which ensures delivery consistency for the client.

Please drop us a line, we will be keen to understand your requirements further and suggest how we could add value to your implementation.

Technical Consultancy

Our team has built up technical expertise and we have now packaged the following services, specific to the Unit4 Business World Application.

Health Checks
We offer an on-site or off-site database health check where our technical consultant, working to a client remit would provide a detailed report of recommendations to allow optimal performance.

Agresso Installation and Server Migration
Our technical consultants can carry out application installations or data migrations which include instances where the client is moving to a hosted service.

Integration Development
We have been working with our clients to develop point-to-point integrations between 3rd party data and Agresso or via Middle-Ware solutions.

Upgrade Consultancy

The Unit4 Business World Application is continuing evolving and developing and enhancing in capability. Software upgrades often introduce new functionality and modules or resolves bugs that were identified. Whilst upgrading Agresso can deliver business benefits, it can often be a significant project.

So why choose Myriad Consulting to assist you with your upgrade project?

– Myriad Consulting have proven experience of managing upgrade projects for organisations of varied sizes and industries
– Myriad Consulting receive application training from Unit4 and will be knowledgeable in the upgraded software version and will know how to implement to obtain optimal results
– Myriad Consulting can access Unit4 developers or support should issues arise during upgrades or testing
– Myriad Consulting were part of a small team of Unit4 Partners who are official upgrade partners