It is vital for businesses to strive to constantly improve their processes and find new ways to make themselves and their employees more productive. There are many ways in which productivity can be improved both with generic techniques in the office and through the use of cloud technology; five of the most useful solutions are as follows:

Tech to Increase Productivity

Time is precious, especially for small business owners who are looking to maximize productivity each day. Fortunately, modern technology can increase productivity and efficiency. Cloud solutions like Office 365 are ready to empower small business with enterprise grade capabilities at an affordable cost. You can have it all – power, agility and the freedom to work how you and your team work best so that you can spend time on the things that matter most. Research also shows SMBs that leverage modern technology grow revenue and profitability at a much faster rate. Outdated tools will hold you and your business back; keep up to date with the latest tech!

Tame the Inbox

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the average worker spends 28% of their work day processing emails. That’s about 2.25 hours of non-productive time. It’s simple; follow the one hour rule and only reply to or create emails that create value. Keep it under an hour!

Communication is King

There’s one simple thing that every business can do that, if implemented, would change their business dramatically. That is the communication process between management and employees. Nothing is more effective than creating an efficient system whereby people can easily communicate with anyone in one’s company and someone actually responds promptly. Time and energy is wasted by employees getting lost in a bureaucracy, therefore causing a demotivated workforce. A business where employee needs and questions are met in a timely manner will cause productivity to soar!

Examine your procedures to see which steps you can eliminate

After you’ve created systems and procedures, the next step is to simplify them and make them easier to follow. Is there any procedure you’re following that is unnecessary? For example are you spending time emailing documents from one person to another? Or is someone in your team copying information from one spreadsheet into another spreadsheet? These are simple examples of inefficient activities that can easily be eliminated with improved processes. Assess your business to see which steps you can replace with technology and automation. There might be a process that you are currently handling manually, but with the right technology could be automated and save your team members a lot of time.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology creates a number of advantages for businesses. One of the significant ones is giving businesses flexibility and scalability. Through cloud technology small businesses can access computing power and technology – at levels that were previously only available to corporates with much larger budgets– when they need it.

An additional advantage that cloud computing offers businesses is mobility. Cloud technology and apps mean you can take your laptop and work anywhere. With a wide range of programs for anything including video conferencing, document storage and team management, your office need no longer actually be an office. Or it might be that you use a hot-desking situation in the office and you have a more fluid arrangement, no longer adhering to conventional notions of “desks” and “work hours”. For companies that operate in two or more offices, nationally or internationally, the ability to share information, documents and work remotely helps a huge amount with infrastructure and can streamline projects.