If you’re still using outdated methods to keep track of your employee travel and expenses such as spreadsheets, then you’re losing valuable time and the efficiency that can be achieved when using a management system.

At Myriad our consultants are fully trained in the implementation of Unit4’s Travel & Expenses management system and we have helped a range of businesses and organisations to transform the way they handle their employees’ expenses claims.

Travel & Expenses management systems like Unit4’s offer many benefits for businesses of all sizes.

  • Flexibility – Using a travel & expenses management system allows users to switch between mobile and desktop versions, giving them the ability to track expenses whilst on the move.
  • E-receipts – Many stores are moving to e-receipts instead of printed receipts and with the right system it is easy to forward these and have them automatically added to a travel & expenses record.
  • Photo receipts – Where e-receipts aren’t available, Unit4 travel & expenses users can simply capture a photo of the receipt using their smart phone and add it straight to the system. This means no lost or missing receipts!
  • Real-time tracking – The flexibility of a travel & expenses management system like Unit4’s means that employers can track the claims of their employees in real time. The system also has advanced analytics features with data visualisation options which makes reporting a much simpler process.
  • Cross-platform support – The Unit4 travel & expenses system can be integrated with any operating system and works across all devices for full freedom of use.
  • In software guides – Keeping track of expenses can be complicated with different pathways for different scenarios. The Unit4 Travel & Expenses system has handy in-software guides to help users identify the right pathway at the right time.


Switching to a specialised travel and expenses management system will save valuable time and cut costs across your entire organisation. Speak to one of our experts today to transform the way your business operates.