In 2015 Unit4 introduced and piloted its accreditation scheme in the United Kingdom. The aim of the scheme is to further develop and expand the network of specialist partners throughout the UK and globally.

Not only does the scheme help Unit4 partners it also ensures that customers receive the best in solution and service provision from trusted and qualified partners.

The accreditation scheme requires partner teams to sit a series of modular exams after which they will receive and accreditation in that particular area of functionality and service provision. As part of the course, partners are also given access to a comprehensive online study centre to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest Unit4 developments and functions.

There are a series of courses available to cover all aspects of the Unit4 software. The courses are as follows;

  • Record to Report– This course looks at all the elements of the Business World application such as it attributes and the specifics of using its recording and reporting features. In particular; using accounts and account groups, pre-posting set-up, business analysis, company and administration set-up, setting up users, roles and access.

The course also looks at the reporting functions of Business World like the reporting enhancements feature which lets users control reports by adding dates, building and modifying trees, element types and much more. The course also covers general ledger and accounts payable basics.

  • H2R – This exam covers the ‘Hire to Retire’ process and covers areas like company organisation and job structure, recruitment management, and new starter management.
  • Accounts Receivable- This curriculum covers all aspects of managing accounts payable. This includes; Creating customer groups, creating accounts receivable registers (and adding credit terms), posting customer adjustments and non-sales order invoices, invoicing follow-ups, recording payments, matching credit notes and invoices, and reversals.
  • Basic Planner – This exam ensures partners are fully versed in using the planning features of the Unit4 software and looks at areas such as; basic set-up, understanding the planner version workflow tab, transaction entry set-up, using period links, using comparisons and calculations, copying, importing and updating data, using fixed registers, and using batches.
  • Travel & Expenses – This section explores the travel and expenses features of the Unit4 Business World software. Areas covered include; basic installation and configuration, cloud installation, and tools installation focusing on batch job manager, expenses app and EMA.

Other areas covered in the TE exam are; hosting a workshop, initial configuration, and specific configuration.

Myriad Consulting is pleased to announce that our 13 members of our partner team have recently passed the Record to Report exam.

In addition 3 team members have also passed the Hire to Retire exam, 1 has passed the Accounts Receivable exam, 1 team member has also passed the Basic Planner exam and we are one of the select partners to hold full accreditation for Travel & Expenses.

Our team of experts confidently deliver in an in-depth consultation and implementation service of the Unit4 Business World Solution to both public and private sector organisations.

Just some of our recent and current projects:

  • A Milestone 6 Upgrade for Rethink Mental Health
  • Upgrade assistance and E-Market Place integration for Wolverhampton City Council
  • HR Transformation project for Slough Borough Council
  • Milestone 6 upgrade and Budget Books Implementation for Wokingham Borough Council
  • Milestone 6 upgrade support for South Wales Police
  • E-Market Plaece integration for Cancer Research
  • Finance Transformation project including HR and Payroll integration for Warwickshire County Council

For more information on Unit4 software, implementation or upgrades contact a member of our team today.