The Unit4 Customer Conference will soon be upon us, hosted in Manchester and sponsored by Myriad Consulting.

The 2017 conference takes a look at the “Future at Work” and how it is estimated that over 50% of tasks in the future have the potential to become automated. This is not to rule out the importance of the human edge over machines though, with human workers being able to employ; logical reasoning, creativity, emotional intelligence and much more. During the conference experts from Unit4 will demonstrate how Unit4 products can help a business ‘future-proof’ itself and balance automation with human workers.

Areas covered in the conference will include;

  • How to engage with customers – how to create services with no technical limits to how fast you could introduce new sound business ideas
  • Empowering employees – Experience a world where technology elevates the skills of every worker to scale the impact of what they do best.
  • Optimising operations- See how your business would benefit if technology removed all the non-value adding tasks across your staff.

Sign up today for your place at the Unit4 Customer Conference 2017. We’ll see you there!