Cancer Research Case Study

Cancer Research is a charitable organisation focused on researching the causes and effects of cancer in order to create better treatments and care for patients. Having previously worked with Harpal Mattu of Myriad Consulting, the organisation approached us again to assist with a Business World upgrade and integration with an e-procurement system created by Unit4 partners Proactis.


Cancer Research needed to upgrade its Unit4 Business World software in preparation for a move to an e-procurement system which allows the organisation to automate a large portion of daily tasks. The Business World version previously used by Cancer Research was out-of- date and would have been incompatible with the e-procurement system. The E-procurement system was developed by Unit4 partners Proactis, and helps Cancer Research to streamline its purchasing processes. The organisation frequently buys low value medical equipment in high volumes which means there are a substantial amount of purchase orders and invoices that pass through the system, alongside other data processing tasks. The E-procurement system simplifies the buying process with e-invoicing and automatic invoice approval processes. It also uses punch-out features to provide real-time data from suppliers to Cancer Research price changes and changes in stock availability.

How we helped

Myriad Consulting worked with both Cancer Research and Proactis to upgrade Business World to Milestone 5 and to ensure the smooth integration of the e-procurement platform with Unit4. Our consultants worked closely with Proactis to understand its e-procurement system and advise on the most effective way to implement this with Business World and Cancer Research’s wider IT systems.

Value Delivered

The implementation of the e-procurement system will allow Cancer Research to automate much of its buying procedures which over time will allow them to reduce personnel. It will also improve efficiency as all data is kept up-to- date in real time. Ken Edwards- Senior Systems Accountant at Cancer Research UK: “Working with Myriad was a pleasure; the consultants were very helpful and had an in-depth knowledge of the area they were working on. They formed a really good working relationship with the project team in Cancer Research and also with the consultants from Proactis. Here at Cancer Research the aim is to always get a good return on investment for the funds that our donors give us, to make sure we’re using the money as effectively as possible. We know now that because we’ve implemented to the latest version of Business World and we have a much more structured chart of accounts, which will allow us to automate a lot of our processes and make us a lot more efficient in the future.